Log processing tools

Server tools


It's tool for automatic processing of server logs. It was installed on hostings few years ago. It is not yet in development, so it's mostly replaced with tools AwStats now. Visit Homepage of Webalizer.


It's quite popular on server hostings these days. Website owner get information about user visits, bot activity and keywords leading from search engine. More info on AWstats homepage.

Desktop tools

There is software you can use if there isn't any statistics tools on your hosting. All you need is to download access log from server and process them with these programs.


Very powerfull, but also paid software. You can process access logs and get another interesting info if you have e-shop. Visit ClickTracks homepage.


It mostly runs on web server, but you can use it for log processing on your desktop too.

Other statistics software

Google Analytics (Urchin)

All you need is to place short javascript code into your pages. Mostly it's placed at the bottom of the page code (into page footer). After that all visitors are tracked with these small code and you can get nuber of visitors, pageviews, keywords from search engines etc. It was Urchin application, but Google bought it and now it's Google Analytics and it's completely free.